Jin Chohan
Leaving Neverland: The Aftermath TCL Theater ver. | THEATRICAL CUT
The version shown at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood June 21st 2019. Updated with new footage from Michael Jackson's 10th anniversary. This documentary looks at the story of abuse claimed by two men against Michael Jackson. The information come to light post showing of the documentary on HBO in March. The information the media does not seem to want to report. https://paypal.me/LNTheAftermath?loca... This documentary was self funded, from hosting the documentary at the Theater to travel costs etc. I would greatly appreciate any kind of donation to re-coupe my investment and for future advertising. This is and was a passion project for the truth. I am currently planning on working on a version which I can possibly give to a distributor (there are certain rules to do this of course). Produced by Jin Chohan. A TAKEFLIGHT Productions. #leavingneverland #theaftermath #michaeljackson
Sorry but this is live stream and you can't download this video.