Abandoned World Explorer
Abandoned Chainsaw Massacres house (a look into one of Tony Martin's houses)
CONTAINS STRONG language and footage that some viewers may find disturbing ... I called this chainsaw massacres house due to the room we see .This explore was the most scariest yet!! we explored abandoned house and it seemed to get more and more strange seeing bones and all sorts. to finally we bumped into farmer and realised we was standing with the guy who shot two people injuring one and killing another and who's abandoned house we was actually exploring. we felt very Intimidated, as the questions and weird things he was saying and felt like he was testing us after chatting for a bit we wanted to just leave and eventually he let us turn around and go. Facebook page https://www.facebook.com Instagram https://www.instagram.com/abandoned_w...
Sorry but this is live stream and you can't download this video.