Mark Wiens
BEST BREAKFAST - Village Food in Lebanon + CEDARS OF GOD!
🎥Ultimate Street Food Tour in Beirut: 👕T-shirts and caps: 🍌Mark Wiens Banana Chips - Worldwide Shipping Available Now: Thank you to USAID - My visit to Lebanon was supported by the USAID Lebanon Enterprise Development Project. Friends in the video: Thanks to Maya and Jad. Thanks to Ibrahim Osta (Director Middle East & North Africa, Chemonics International): Fadi Abu Jaber: Kamel: Hadath El Jebbeh, Lebanon - We drove from Beirut to Hadath El Jebbeh, a small village on the edge of Kadisha Valley in Lebanon. In the village, we met up with Ward from Ward Cafe Trottoir who runs a cosy mountain restaurant serving traditional Lebanese food and local mountain dishes. Here are a few of the delicious ingredients and Lebanese foods I learned about: Husrum - Sour, young grape vinegar Labneh - Creamy cheese made from yoghurt, essential in Lebanese cuisine Shanklish - Aged and dried Levantine cheese Awarma eggs - Eggs with salted lamb fat Macaroon Toum - Lebanese garlic pasta Kishk - Dried yoghurt with bulgur wheat, made into porridge Kadisha Valley - After an amazing meal with Ward, we continued our journey into the beautiful Kadisha Valley and visited the spectacular Deir Mar Elisha monastery. Cedars of God - The symbol of Lebanon, as has been for thousands of years is the Cedar of Lebanon, also known as the Cedars of God. They were spectacular to see in person, they are truly majestic trees. Ehden, Lebanon - Finally, we ended this day in Lebanon in the town of Ehden for some sahlab - milk pudding. 🎵MUSIC: “Stormy Weather” —————————————————— 🍌Banana Chips are available now worldwide!! 👕Get t-shirts and caps: 📷Camera gear I use: —————————————————— 📱FOLLOW: Instagram: Facebook:
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